1.He often gets credit for his work. 他在工作上经常获得好评。

2.How did you get the news? 你怎样得到这个消息?

3.Have you got my letter? 你收到我的信了吗?(表示“收到”)

4.Get me some money. 给我弄点钱来。(表示“搞到,弄到”)

5.Do you get me? 你明白我的意思吗?(表示“明白,理解”)

6.I've got a cold. 我患了感冒。(表示“染上疾病,毒品”等)

7.Go and get your lunch. 你去吃午饭吧。(表示“吃或准备饭”等)

8.Ah!I've got you there! 啊,这下我可难倒你啦!

9.Have you got a light? 有火吗?(表示“有”,用完成时态

10.Get her to see a doctor. 劝她去看医生。(表示“说服,劝说”)

11.We've got to go. 我们得走了。(表示“必须”,用完成时态,后接不定式)

12.Get everything ready. 把一切准备好!(表示“使得,把……弄好”,后接复合宾语)

13.Did you get the look on his face? 你注意到他脸上的神情了吗?(表示“注意到”)



1.When shall we get to New York? 我们什么时候到纽约?

2.I got there last night. 我昨晚抵达那里。


1.She is getting slimmer. 她变得越来越苗条了。

2.Our living environment is getting more beautiful. 我们的居住环境越来越漂亮。


1.As soon as they saw each other, they got talking. 他们一见面便谈了起来。

2.I get to know her. 我对她逐渐有了了解。

3.I get to like this city. 我逐渐喜欢上这个城市了。


1.I got caught in the rain. 我被雨淋了。

2.He got beaten by his wife. 他被妻子揍了。


1.get away 逃脱,离开;把……送走

1.You can't get away. 你是逃不掉的。

2.Get him away! 把他送走!

2.get along 过活,生活,相处融洽;进展

1.How are you getting along(或on)? 你近来过得好吗?

2.We're getting along quite well. 我们相处得不错。

3.I'm getting along well with my English. 我的英语很有进步。

3.get on 上(车、船、飞机等),取得进展

1.It's time to get on the plane. 该上飞机了。

2.Once we'd got on the train, we could settle down and relax.


4. get off 下车,离开,起飞来

1.I'll get off at the next stop. 我下个站下车。

2.The plane will get off in ten minutes. 飞机十分钟后起飞。

3.When will you get off work? 你什么时候下班?

4.Don't get off the main subject. 别离开主题;别走题。

5.get a bite to eat 弄到一口好吃的东西

1.Let's get a bite to eat before boarding. 登机前我们先弄一口好吃的东西。

2.Can you get me a bite to eat? 你能帮我弄点好吃的东西吗?

6.get accustomed to 习惯于(=be used to)

1.I've got accustomed to rising early. 我已经习惯早起了。

2.I don't get accustomed to western food. 我不习惯吃西餐。

3.She has got accustomed to the life here. 她已习惯了这里的生活。

7.get going 离开;动身;开始;着手

1.You'd better get going if you want to get home before dark. 你如果想在天黑前回到家,就得快点动身。

2.Get going or you won't finish it before five. 开始吧,不然5点前你无法完成。

8. get lost 迷路,迷失方向

1.I got lost while driving back home. 驾车回家的路上我迷路了。

2.They must have gotten lost or they would have been here by this time. 他们一定是迷路了,不然这个时候应该到了。

9. get rid of 摆脱,除去

1.He wants to get rid of his mistress. 009 他想甩掉情妇。

2.Get rid of your bad habit. 去掉你的坏习惯。

3.I can't get rid of the cold. 我感冒老是不好。

10. get one's hands full 手头的事很多,很忙

1.Sorry,I've got my hands full. 对不起,我很忙。

2.I've got my hands full. I've no time to see you. 我手头的事很多,没空去看你。

11 get on sb.'s nerves 使某人不安(烦恼)

1.The sound of loud car horns gets on my nerves. 汽车的大喇叭声使我心烦。

2.The crying of the baby gets on my nerves. 婴儿的啼哭声真的让我心烦不安。

12.get over 克服(困难);忘却;复原;爬过(墙)

1.You should get over your prejudice. 你应该克服你的偏见。

2.She has got over her illness. 她已病好了。

3.He has got over his lovelorn period. 他已度过了失恋期。

13.get tired of 讨厌,厌倦

1.I'm getting tired of living here. 我越来越讨厌住在这里了。

2.Have you got tired of me? 你厌倦我了吗?

14. get wind of 听到……风声

1.How did you get wind of the news? 这消息你是怎样听来的?

2.The thief ran away as soon as he got wind of the coming of the police. 小偷一听到警察来了,拔腿就跑。

15 get in touch with 与……取得联系

1.I couldn't get in touch with him. 我和他联系不上。

2.As soon as you arrive there, try to get in touch with the local embassy.


16. get caught in 遭受,遭遇

1.We got caught in a hurricane on the way home. 在回来的路上我们遇上了飓风

2.Did you get caught in the rain? 你被雨淋了吗?

17. get a speeding ticket 接到超速行驶的传票

1.I'm afraid of getting a speeding ticket. 我怕接到超速行驶的传票。

2.Have you got a speeding ticket again? 你又接到了一张超速行驶的传票吗?


1.get a bad name 名誉不佳,得了一个坏名声

2.get a bad start 开头不顺利,起(跑、跳)不好

3.get a busy signal 电话占线

4.get a cab 叫辆出租车

5.get a raise(或rise) 被加薪

6.get a ride 乘车,搭车

7.get a good review 受到好评

8.get an early start(on) 早日开始,尽早开始

9.get an appointment for 为……约定好时间

10.get angry at 因……而生气

11.get excited(angry, mad) 被激怒(生气,发火)

12.get scared 被吓坏

13.get upset about 对……感到烦恼

14.get used to 习惯于

15.get nowhere 毫无进展;未取得任何成就

16.get into argument with 与……发生争执

17.get into a habit 养成(或染上)一种习惯

18.get back at 报复,对……进行报复

19.get back into shape 恢复原样,恢复原来的体形

20.get back to 回到……,继续……

21.get down to 开始处理,着手做

22.get home to sb. 向某人讲清楚,使某人明白

23.get sth. off one's chest 把压在心里的话倾吐出来

24.get sb. wrong 误解某人的意思

25.get do sth. 叫(让、使、请、说服)某人做某事

26.get permission from 得到……的许可(准许)

27.get one's approval for 得到某人的同意做……

28.get out of the way 让路,避开;除去,完成

29.get one's attention 引起某人的注意

30.get acquainted with 结识,开始了解,开始认识

31.get above oneself 目中无人,目空一切

32.get hold of oneself 控制自己

33.get one's way 随心所欲,自行其事

34.get sth. over with 熬过,安全度过

35.get the ball running 开个头,使开始,使展开

36.get through to 接(打)通(电话);使理解

37.get stuck in 被卡在(陷在,粘在)里边动弹不得

38.get the run around 有外遇,和异性鬼混

39.get to work 开始工作

40.get up 站起来,起床

41.get the thumbs up from 得到……的同意(认可)

42.get to 到达,抵达

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